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    We’ll discuss the situation with you to determine any requirements, then we’ll provide opinions on you best course of action regardless of the situation. Not every situation requires acoustic consulting services and there may be an alternative approach to save you time or money.


    Product suppliers, while knowledgeable about their own products, are not experts in the field of acoustics, and may provide potentially unnecessary advice costing you thousands when it may not be required. You should remember that at the end of the day they are selling a product, and the more they sell the more money they make. Acoustic consultants provide unbiased advice and will tell you exactly what is needed and can discuss potential cost savings depending on your budget requirements.

    Remember the biggest isn’t always the best; likewise the smallest may not be up for the challenge. Before selecting a consultant you should discuss your requirements and get their opinion on your project. Make sure their approach is satisfactory to your requirements and they have experience with similar types of projects. Also ensure the consultant can discuss the acoustic requirements in a manner that you can understand.

    While a catalogue can provide the basic systems, in most cases it may not provide the more in depth details to address the unknown flanking paths and junction details for the proposed system. In addition there may be specific design considerations for the project that aren’t provided in the catalogue, which an acoustic consultant can address avoiding unnecessary expense.

    If a situation arises that you’re not happy with the answer, you can always get a second opinion from another acoustic company. Discuss the situation with them and let them know your concerns. While this option may result in additional consulting costs, it could result in cost saving for more affordable solutions.

    In situations where noise becomes an issue (in an apartment building) you can approach the Body Corporate to lodge a complaint, or alternatively contact an acoustic consultant.

    In this situation you’ll need to engage an acoustic consultant to review the issue. A site visit will be required to investigate and see if an affordable solution is available. The consultant may then provide advice on how to rectify the situation.


    If the noise category is low, it may be better to just install the treatments rather than adding the additional expense of engaging an acoustic consultant. However if the noise category is higher, an acoustic consultant can potentially save you money by conducting a detailed assessment and reducing the required treatments where possible.

    New apartments are designed to higher acoustic standard and codes to reduce the effect of noise from surrounding apartments including footfall impact noise.